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Apr 04 2016

Everyday I get a few emails asking about the specifics of some piece of software or hardware I use.

I change up things fairly often, so this page will serve as a living document and a place to point curious developers to when I get asked.

If there is something missing leave a comment below or ask in my AMA — happy to chat and help you figure out your own situation.

Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my current editor which I switched to in September 2017 after years of Sublime Text.
  • Sublime Text V3 beta is used in most of my video tutorials — I write more about my setup in my book.
  • I created a theme called Cobalt2 for VS Code, Sublime Text and iTerm2 v3 which I use.
  • I’m currently using Operator Mono for a font. Yes I paid the $200 for it. Before that I used Inconsolata for many years.
  • I use Operator Mono in Sublime, iTerm2 (with these settings: http://wes.io/fYY8), and in Chrome Dev tools with Dev Tools Author
  • I’m currently switching over to Hyper for my terminal.
  • The JavaScript suggestions you see in my videos is called JavaScript Completions – you might have to play with the settings to get it to not popup some of the node completions.

Desktop Apps


Desk Setup

Other Gear

  • After a lengthy search for the perfect backpack for both traveling and schlepping gear around the city I bought the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L and it’s incredible (and very expensive 😑).
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33 Responses to Uses

  1. Armend says:

    Hi there,

    If you are using dropbox to backup ur site folder, did you found a way to ignore node_modules.

    thanks a lot

  2. Rick says:

    What made you decide on text expander over using snippets on ST3?

    • wesbos says:

      For advanced snippets with multiple cursors and defaults I still use Sublime Text, but for simple ones I use Text Expander because I can use them anywhere – like CodePen, Slack, etc..

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Wes,

    Just curious, what’s your app for color picking, file/folder comparison and vcs (git) handling?
    Maybe can recommend some more productivity apps apart from Things that you’re a fan of?

    • wesbos says:

      I use Sip to color pick

      I only use the command line to do Git – I’ve tried many apps but nothing has stuck yet.

      • Everyone at work thinks I’m crazy to use command line over SourceTree or Tower. The other day I was vindicated. A developer had a file he was trying to discard in SourceTree. Every time he discarded it, it just came right back. I told him to try the terminal. Worked like a charm. That file WAS gone but ST was caching it or something.

  4. Keyboardseeker says:

    Man! Which keyboard do you use?

  5. Ben Hong says:

    Thanks for putting this post together! I think it’d be great if everyone did something similar to this as I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes learning about alternative ways people work (which can inadvertently enhance my own).

  6. Maciej says:

    Visual Studio Code hit version 1.0 a few days ago. There’re not that many keyboard shortcuts and extensions yet, it’s slow to start but the footprint is comparable to Sublime’s. Wes, what’s your opinion about this text editor?

  7. Hi I just listened to your podcast on Syntax called JavaScript tooling, good stuff! Can you update this list with all the plugins you use?

  8. Kait says:

    Hi Wes! Just curious what email program you use – do you use Gmail in the browser, Mac Mail, or something else?

  9. Mitch says:

    Hey can you post a picture of your desk setup? How is it all connected?

  10. Héctor says:

    Hello Wes.

    I have no access to a MAC for your course. Is there any problem if I work on PC?

  11. Michaël says:

    I am following your course on ES6 and I want to know which policy do you use for comments.
    Thanks for the quality of the course and thanks for the Cobalt2 theme for Atom.

    Best regards.

  12. Phillip M says:

    Wes, thanks for putting all this together. I think I’ve decided that “Wes Bos is My Spirit Animal” now! (yes I’d love that on a sticker and/or t-shirt too!!). Your posts and podcasts have prompted me to try VSCode and now I think its my new full time editor. I was using Sublime a little, but mostly Eclipse still. VSCode seems to be the marriage of the two.

    The point of my post was to mention that for users on a Mac with Retina display, VS Code has a font aliasing setting that makes it so much easier on the eyes. I’m already using your Cobalt theme, so I just added a custom user setting for: “workbench.fontAliasing”:”antialiased”

    Just wanted to share. Thanks again, and keep the great info coming!!

  13. Al says:

    I don’t think I have much in common with someone who sits on a $1200 chair! Your courses look pretty good but I think you are just a bit too ‘millennial’ for me… a guy who has been coding for 25+ years on an Office Depot chair.

    • wesbos says:

      I need something to perch upon when I eat my avocado toast!

    • If you are a developer you spend 8-12 hours a day in a chair…unless you stand, so why not spend decent money. My $1000 chair has lasted 6 years so far. And I don’t have neck or back problems. That equates to about $13/month for a comfortable chair we spend half of our life in. Seems like a bargain to me. 😉

  14. Ethan says:

    Yeah, why would you want to make sure your back stays in good shape when you’re sitting at a desk for hours upon hours almost every day? 🙄

  15. Jonas says:

    Are you happy with the CalDigit docking station?
    Does it recognize the two monitors without problems each time you plug the in the MacBook?

  16. Tony says:

    Thanks for this list, it’s nice to see we use the same tools 😃,
    I’ve never used back blaze before. I’m going to give it a try, my MBP is nearly full 🚀

  17. Abhishek says:

    Hello Wes, I want to ask that the rocket(emoji picker) that you use will work on linux; If not, what is the best alternative to that on linux or vs-code in linux?

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