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Hot tips are spicy lil' nuggets related to web development and tooling that I share on my twitter account. I've logged them here to make them easier to find.

🔥 Here is a neat one! Since arrays are objects, we can destructure their indexes to easily grab the first and last items.

🔥 Use Intl.Collator() to easily sort or group strings regardless of their case or accent

🔥 New in ES2019, we have a .flat() method to flatten these types of chunked arrays.

🔥 When working with an API, I often need to chunk up a list of users and send them in batches.

Array.from() is a great way to chunk up arrays because of the secondary argument being a map function.

🔥 Use Intl.PluralRules() to easily find the ordinal for numbers - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...

🔥 Use Intl.DateTimeFormat() to create nicely formatted date and time strings

🔥 Use Intl.RelativeTimeFormat() to get nicely formatted relative time strings.

🔥 Object.fromEntries() is a new method for converting Arrays, maps or other iterables into objects

🔥 Use CSS Variables to do partial property overwrites. Handy for CSS properties that only accept multiple values.

🔥 If you have a pesky 301 redirect that won't clear, open dev tools and load the page with the "disable cache"

Log this in your head for later, you'll need it like I just did 😃

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