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I'm still working on this page, but if you'd like to have me come speak at your conference or do a private workshop at your work, please get in touch with me at hey@wesbos.com.

I usually like to speak about JavaScript, CSS, Hot Tips, React.js, Node.js and related topics. For workshops, I have pre-made workshops on Gatsby.js, React.js and several other topics. I am able to create custom workshops tailored towards your team.

Soon this page will have links to past + upcoming speaking and training events.

Syntax Podcast

Hold on — I'm grabbin' the last one.

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Syntax Podcast

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Beginner JavaScript

Beginner JavaScript

A fun, exercise heavy approach to learning Modern JavaScript from scratch. This is a course for absolute beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their fundamentals. Start here if you are new to JS or programming in general!

I post videos on and code on

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