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I'm still working on this page, but if you'd like to have me come speak at your conference or do a private workshop at your work, please get in touch with me at hey@wesbos.com.

I usually like to speak about JavaScript, CSS, Hot Tips, React.js, Node.js and related topics. For workshops, I have pre-made workshops on Gatsby.js, React.js and several other topics. I am able to create custom workshops tailored towards your team.

Soon this page will have links to past + upcoming speaking and training events.

Syntax Podcast

Hold on — I'm grabbin' the last one.

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Syntax Podcast

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Master Gatsby

Master Gatsby

Building modern websites is tough. Preloading, routing, compression, critical CSS, caching, scaling and bundlers all make for blazing fast websites, but extra development and tooling get in the way.

Gatsby is a React.js framework that does it all for you. This course will teach you how to build your websites and let Gatsby take care of all the Hard Stuff™.

I post videos on and code on

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