Reset a WordPress Admin Password (Video and Guide)

Reset a WordPress Admin Password (Video and Guide)

Had someone ask me today how to reset a password for a user (Admin or other) on a WordPress account. Its acutally very easy to do, so here is a quick guide!

  1. Log into your host's backend and find the spot to edit your databases

If you are unsure of which database is your WordPress install. Open up your FTP client and browse to /wp-config.php. This file will contain your database name as well as the username and password of it.

Screen shot 2011 03 21 at 3 38 40 PM

2.  Login to your database and you will be presented with PHPMyAdmin.

On the side, you will see a list of  tables. Click the one that says "wp_users". Once that loads, click the "Browse" tab.

3. Edit the specified WordPress User

You should now see a list of users in your WordPress install. Click the pencil icon to edit the user you wish to reset the password for.

Screen shot 2011 03 21 at 3 44 29 PM

4.  Set the new password

Finally, delete the data from the "user_pass" field, enter in a new password, and select MD5 from the dropdown to the left of it. When done, click go.

Screen shot 2011 03 21 at 3 47 37 PM

5. You're done! Log in as normal with your new password

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