React for Beginners Re-Recorded (again!)

React for Beginners Re-Recorded (again!)

Well well well! Today I am excited to announce that my React for Beginners course has been totally updated and re-recorded.

The front end development landscape sure does change quickly and this is the third time I've re-recorded it to keep the course up-to-date with the latest in API changes and industry best practices.

I initially launched this course in November 2015, and since then over 18,000 people have come along and learned React with me.

**This is totally free update to everyone who has purchase the course. When you buy a course with me you don't have to worry about the tech going out of date :) **

What has changed?!!?!

In short - if you have already taken the course and feel comfortable with React, you likely won't need to re-take it. We still build the same real-time Catch of the Day Fish Market application. The core concepts of React haven't changed, but the syntax and many of the supporting packages have. If you feel like you need a re-fresher on React, or are still working through learning it, I'd say go ahead and take it again.

The course is using React 16.3-Alpha, which should be 16.3 stable once it's released. Here are some notes on what has changed since the last re-record:

  • Use React 16.3
  • Move to external PropTypes Package as React.PropTypes has been deprecated
  • Add a few examples on shaping propTypes
  • Use React's new Refs API, remove function refs. Function refs aren't going anywhere, but this new API is much easier to understand
  • Remove all use of constructors and super() - use class properties instead
  • Better explain binding, use of this and what component instances are
  • Upgrade to React Router 4 Final API — the last version used a beta version of React Router used <Match> and stable finally used <Route> so it was just a rename of some variables
  • Moved from react-addons-css-transition-group to react-transition-group for the super cool UI animations. Upgraded from 1.x to 2.x.
  • Use official Firebase package for Authentication as re-base is now only for data binding
  • Move promise based code to async/await
  • Show how to return multiple elements with React.Fragment
  • Added a destructuring example for stateless functional components
  • Updated the Zeit Now Deployment video
  • Added a video on deploying to Netlify

Advanced React

I've spend the last 3 weeks working on this re-record and now it's time to focus my attention back on the Full Stack Advanced React and GraphQL course I'be been cooking up for the past bit. We're going to touch on all kind of new, exciting and advanced concepts that are changing the way we build web app. Right now the app we are going to build is an online store with a real credit card checkout, cart and orders. The stack is currently GraphQL, Apollo, Express, Prisma, React, Styled Components and friends.

I'm really excited for this one!


To celebrate I've put all my courses on sale! In addition to React For Beginners, check out my recently updated to include ES7 and ES8, ES6 for Everyone and my Learn Node which uses 100% async+await and builds a really cool Express+MongoDB application.


Thanks everyone - your support means the world to me - I can't believe that I get to do this for a job! Until next time 😘

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