Import Large MySQL Databases into PHPMyAdmin with BigDump.php

Import Large MySQL Databases into PHPMyAdmin with BigDump.php

When migrating a site that has been around for a while, I often run into the problem where my MySQL Database is just too large to import via the web interface of PHPMyAdmin. Often times its to a server that doesn't allow remote access to their databases. What is a poor dev to do?

Take a big dump

Although this script has been around for almost 9 years, its still an essential tool for every developers toolbox. Big Dump staggers the database import so your server does not timeout. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Big Dump.



* Download the latest version of Big Dump <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.

* Open up bigdump.php and configure: Server, database name, username, password, and the file name.

* Upload both your SQL file and bigdump.php to your server

* Browse to bigdump.php and click import

Thats it! Wait a few minutes and you will see a confirmation screen similar to the one below. Make sure to delete bigdump.php off your server when you are finished.

Screen shot 2011 03 22 at 2 09 25 PM

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