HTML5 Shirt Giveaway!

HTML5 Shirt Giveaway!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an awesome holidays. To celebrate, I'm going to be giving away 5 of these kickass HTML5 shirts that the folks at Microsoft have kindly provided.

These aren't your regular HTML5 shirts, they come from Canada so naturally they involve a polar bear, a beaver and a moose.

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How To Enter

To enter, simply sent out a tweet with the hashtag #HTML5shirt and a link to this post.

"Win a #HTML5shirt from @wesbos"

I will be giving them away to 5 random tweeters and using to pick the winners. I'll ship you the shirt anywhere in the world. I have them in most sizes but is first come first serve.

Thats it, good luck and if you so please, follow me on twitter for more on HTML5.

Update: Winners! First off, thanks to everyone who entered the draw, having almost 2,000 enter is pretty nuts! I'll have to find a way I can do this again because you guys love your free shirts :)

Drumroll please... The Winners are:

@steno, @sheppy, @csixty4, @oscargodson and @PatridgeDev

Congrats! Contact me within 24 hours with a mailing address and shirt size to claim you prize.

Thanks again everyone, I have some really cool HTML5 stuff coming down the pipe so stay tuned!

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