Dev Sticker Pack! $2

stickers Hey there - in an effort to promote a few of my projects, I got a whole bunch of stickers made! I've been handing them out like candy locally, but many have asked if I could mail you a few.

For $2, you will get a 5 sticker pack - that will help cover the cost of shipping and the PayPal Fees. Will ship anywhere in the world.

The stickers are:

  • **Command Line Power User** — my free video series on ZSH, Z + related tooling.
  • **Sublime Text Power User** Badge - my book + video series on mastering Sublime Text
  • Good At Gulp - an upcoming book + video series I'm working on

  • Gulp Logo - only 100 of these left!

  • What The FlexBox - an upcoming video series on FlexBox

Interested? I have enough stickers for about 150 packs. Fill out the form below and I'll throw them in the mail for you. By signing up, I'll send you an email when I launch new video or book tutorials.

Sorry Folks - I've given them all away. Make sure to follow me on twitter or like my FB page - I'll give away some more once I've got them printed!

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Master Gatsby

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