Rename & Destructure Variables in ES6

Rename & Destructure Variables in ES6

Last post we took a look at an intro to destructuring. Let's take a look at another use case which would be renaming your variables. Sometimes data comes back in some odd names, and you might not necessarily want to use a property key as the end variable name. Maybe you don't like that variable name or it's already taken in your scope.

const twitter = '';
const wes = {
  first: 'Wes',
  last: 'Bos',
  links: {
    social: {
      twitter: '',
      facebook: '',
    web: {
      blog: ''

For example here, I already used twitter as a variable. I can't use it again, but I'm stuck, because this object gives me twitter as a key. What you can do is you can rename them as you destructure them.

So - I want the twitter property, but I want to call it tweet. I want the facebook property, but I want to call it fb.

const { twitter: tweet, facebook: fb } =;

The above code will pull the into a variable called tweet and similarly fb for facebook.

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