Hey! I get lots of email, so please scan this page before firing one off. Don't be afraid to email me, it just might take a few days (or weeks) for me to get back to you 😃.

If you want me to work for you, I am not accepting any client work at the moment, but I'd recommend you hire a Juno College freelancer - they are great!

If you need help with a course, please jump into the Slack channel and have myself or someone from the support help you.

If you want to know what font, theme, computer or toilet paper I use, all that info is available on my /uses page.

If you are a recruiter, I love you, but please don’t call or email me 🙂. I'm also not able to help you find someone for your position.

If you need a receipt for a course, you can get that on your dashboard.

If you want career or development advice, I'm happy to help as best I can. I prefer you submit it as a potluck question on so the greater community can benefit, but I'll still try answer if you want to privately!

I will absolutely take your free stuff. If you want to send me a sticker, tshirt (large), hot sauce or honda civic. I can't promise I'll share or talk about your thing, but if it's cool I likely will!

📫 7-2 King Street West, PO Box #57016, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4W9 Canada

You did it! For everything else including course suggestions, conference invites, private training, podcast sponsorship and BBQ tips, please email

Here are a few tips on writing me:

  • Use paragraphs, avoid large walls of text.
  • Number your asks if there are multiple
  • Keep it as short as you can
  • Post code on a git repo, Codepen or smaller stuff or errors in a Gist. Screenshots are helpful too!

Thanks, have a great day!

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Master Gatsby

Master Gatsby

Building modern websites is tough. Preloading, routing, compression, critical CSS, caching, scaling and bundlers all make for blazing fast websites, but extra development and tooling get in the way.

Gatsby is a React.js framework that does it all for you. This course will teach you how to build your websites and let Gatsby take care of all the Hard Stuff™.
I post videos on and code on

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