Announcing my CSS Grid Course

Announcing my CSS Grid Course

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It's Here! The past few months I've been working hard on my latest course on CSS Grid, and today I'm happy to announce it's available!

CSS Grid is a brand new layout system in CSS and it will blow your mind! It's not a framework or library - it's part of CSS and is going to totally change the way we build layouts for the better.

The course is 25 videos, about 4 hours long and 100% free.

We start off with the fundamentals of CSS Grid and finish off with a number of real-world coding examples. If you are convinced already, grab it at

Thanks To Firefox!

A huge thanks to Firefox who has sponsored my time to create this course and offer it up for free — they are the reason I'm able to offer this course up without any cost.

Firefox packs some of the best dev tools and in particular their CSS Grid Dev tools make understanding, debugging and visualizing complex grid layouts a snap.

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