Hey, I'm Wes Bos.

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The Skinny…

I'm a web developer, teacher and speaker from Hamilton, Ontario 🇨🇦. I'm 35 years old and I've been making websites for about 23 years - or exactly 747555813657 milliseconds!

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript. Though constantly changing, my focus right now is React.js, Node/Deno, Express, Serverless, Gatsby and Next.js.

I create online courses and run a web development podcast called Syntax.

A little more…

I've been in love with web development for over half my life. Seems weird, right? It's a space of constant improvement and new & exciting technology. I consider myself a hacker in that I'm always using technology to solve my life's problems and ambitions.

Wes and Scott meet for the very first time

📻 Listen to my origin story if you want a little more info.

I love to teach. I got my start teaching with Ladies Learning Code and went on to teach part time and full time bootcamps at HackerYou (Now Juno College). I now spend my time making courses, doing workshops and speaking at conferences around the world.

I live in a really cool city called Hamilton with my wife Kaitlin, two girls, one boy and a pup named Snickers. We spend our summers at our cottage up in beautiful Northern Ontario.

I have a few hobbies. I've rebuilt hundreds of vintage road racing bikes. I fancy myself as a good cook, enjoyer of cast iron, smoking meat on my Big Green Egg and have been known to make some pretty killer pulled pork. I love tools and I'll try fix anything - appliances, electronics, kids toys and things around the house.

My beautiful Family


You can stop reading here. This is just a succinct bio that podcast hosts and conference organizers can use to introduce me when they have me on. Otherwise they find a super old one!

Wes Bos is a Full Stack developer from Canada. Constantly learning, he creates web development courses focused on JavaScript, TypeScript, React, CSS, Node.js and whatever else comes his way. Wes is the co-host of the popular Syntax.fm podcast and has taught over half a million people JavaScript and has spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

Syntax Podcast

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Syntax Podcast

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Beginner JavaScript

Beginner JavaScript

A fun, exercise heavy approach to learning Modern JavaScript from scratch. This is a course for absolute beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their fundamentals. Start here if you are new to JS or programming in general!

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