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Top 11 Programming Fonts for your Text Editor and Terminal

Choosing a font to use in your editor is a very important step in your workflow that many developers don’t think twice about. Small things like the difference between 0 vs o or l vs 1 and large things like the readability of the font is key to your productivity and strain on your eyes.

If you are still using the default that came with your editor, it might be worth checking out a few below and see how you like coding with each of them.

Since talking about text editor configuration is a huge interest of mine, This list has been compiled over the last year talking to developers at meetups and on twitter. So while the list isn’t totally complete, It’s a great reflection of what developers are using these days.




Menlo (sublime default)


Ubuntu Mono

Adobe Source Code Pro


Dejavu Sans Mono

Envy Code R


Have a favourite that isn’t listed? Comment below or tweet at me and I’ll add it to the list.

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37 Responses to Top 11 Programming Fonts for your Text Editor and Terminal

  1. github_user says:

    https://github.com/localredhead/courier-primal check this out. I think its better than most listed here.

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  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing. Mind sharing what color scheme you are using in the screen shots?

  4. Input from Font Bureau, specially designed for code, is also an interesting option: it comes in serif, sans, mono, plus lots of styles and alternates. See http://input.fontbureau.com.

  5. Alexander says:

    Hi all! I use PragmataPro http://www.fsd.it/fonts/pragmatapro.htm#.VDyt4NSsW2g. This is good font too.

  6. Necmettin Begiter says:

    It should also be noted that these font choices are for OSX. Some of these fonts look better or worse in other environments, somewhat changing the list.

  7. PDXIII says:

    Hi there!

    Thank you very much for this article. I think you missed the best font! It’s name is Camingo Code and is made by the German Type Designer Jan Fromm. This font is not only monospaced, it is especially made for writing code. It’s one child of the Camingo font family but it’s free available via Myfonts (you have to sign up for an account, but you can check out without any payment, and they don’t send you any newsletter or spam).

    There is is also a review on the German Myfonts blog. For the non-german-speaker the images are very insightful and show you what are the benefits of this font compared to its competitors.

    Check it out!

    Camingo Code on Myfonts: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/jan-fromm/camingo-code/
    Review with pictures: http://www.myfonts.de/2013/12/camingocode/

    • Ted Wise says:

      Wow! Thanks for the pointer about Camingo Code! That font is really great! I’d never heard of it before.

    • Wayne Priestley says:

      Thanks man, this is a brilliant font.

    • Shattarack says:

      Thank you, PDXIII

      I had never heard of Camingo before, but I like it very much. In the font sizes I use most, the alignment of characters is particularly good and uniform, making it easier to quickly inspect long blocks of code for errors. Ones and els are particularly easy to differentiate, as are 8, B and @, and 0, 0,O and Q. besides, I simply like its appearance, practical issues aside.

      I do recommend the discussion on PDXIII’s link.

  8. Kazztor says:

    I really like PragmataPro

  9. Flip says:

    But which do YOU use, Wes?

  10. Maksym says:

    PragmataPro, Cuprum

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  12. Thomas says:

    I prefer now Fira Mono. I use Fira Sans also for OSX Yosemite.

  13. I’ve been using Liberation Mono for a while now. It’s part of GitHub’s stack for code review text. Very nice.

  14. pratyush says:

    I have been using Fira Mono and its definitely cool

  15. Adam Worrall says:

    Gotta recommend Input Code (http://input.fontbureau.com/download/) – you can customize the family to use different weights, even with editors that only support the basic regular/bold/italic set. I have Input Light mapped to Regular, so I can use it dark-on-light and the font smoothing on OSX doesn’t cause the counters to fill in.

  16. Brian G. says:

    I really like the Office Code Pro fonts.

    Download: https://github.com/nathco/Office-Code-Pro

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  18. Sam says:

    Code New Roman font is the best best programming font

  19. There is also PT Mono, installed by default on OSX. Serif font, looks very nice.

  20. Eugene says:

    I found – http://sourcefoundry.org/hack/

    For Webstorm perfect

  21. Guido Schmidt says:

    I love Firo Code (https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode) and Hasklig (https://github.com/i-tu/Hasklig) with their ligatures. Input Mono (http://input.fontbureau.com/) is pretty awesome, Too.

  22. Guido says:

    I love Fira Code: https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode
    Hasklig is a nice extension to Soure Code Pro: https://github.com/i-tu/Hasklig
    and Input Mono is pretty awesome, too: http://input.fontbureau.com/)

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