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Ready to learn and up your game as a web developer? Here is a listing of all the courses I’ve put out. Some of them are paid and some of them are free.

I’m delivering a new course every few months, so sign up for any of these courses and you’ll hear when I announce new ones.


ES6 for Everyone

ES6 is a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features. With a focus on simplicity and readability, this premium video course is the best way to learn about all that ES6 has to offer while sharpening your core JavaScript skills. ES6.io

React For Beginners

Upgrade your JavaScript skills to learn React.js in just a couple of afternoons. A premium step-by-step training course to get you building real world React.js + Firebase apps and website components. ReactForBeginners.com

CSS Grid

A free 25 video course on to learn all there is about CSS Grid! We start with CSS Grid fundamentals and end with some real-world examples. CSSGrid.io


A free 30 day vanilla js coding challenge. Learn to build Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials. No Frameworks, No Compilers, No Libraries, No Boilerplate. Good luck! JavaScript30.com

Learn Node

A premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and friends. LearnNode.com

Sublime Text Power User

Ever wonder how so many great developers seem to get so much done? You probably aren’t getting enough out of your text editor. Investing in your text editor skill set will not only improve the quality of the code you write and cut down on silly errors, but increase the speed and productivity at which you write it.

With this book, you will easily save 30 minutes each day. That’s an extra three weeks each year! SublimeTextBook.com

What The Flexbox?!

Flexbox sure is tricky to learn. Get a grasp on flexbox while learning both the fundamentals and real world applications. Flexbox.io

Command Line Power User

As web developers, we use the command line a lot. A video series for web developers on learning a modern command line workflow with ZSH, Z and related tools. CommandLinePowerUser.com

Learn Redux

A 20 video / 2.5 hour course to learn how to use Redux, React Router and React together. This course is intended as a next steps to my React for Beginners course. LearnRedux.com

Mastering Markdown

A quick 34 minute mini course for anyone who is looking to learn markdown for the first time, or fill in any gaps along the way. Markdown is a very simple language and can be easily mastered in under an hour. Mastering Markdown