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Enable Keyboard Tabbing to OSX dialog boxes


Quick 1 minute tip for enabling keyboard tabbing on OSX. Never use that mouse to click “Dont’ Save” again.

To enable, Open System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Shortcuts tab and then click the All Controls radio button at the bottom.

ss 2014-07-07 at 12.15.32 PM

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7 Responses to Enable Keyboard Tabbing to OSX dialog boxes

  1. MacOSX Guru says:

    That is a good tip. However, you can achieve the same effect with keyboard commands built into the Mac. ⌘+d would select and invoke Don’t Save. ⌘+. would select and invoke Cancel.

  2. Glauco says:

    Maaan, finally! Can’t believe this isn’t set by default.
    The cmd+d tip is good too, but who wants dedicated shortcuts for every little thing.

  3. Eric R says:

    Hey – great tip. I immediately opened up my preferences and made the change.
    thx Wes.

  4. arne says:

    i love you!!! i couldn´t believe that this was not possible on mac and over the years i just accepted it – not even the “geniuses” at the “bar” knew this … THANKS SOOOO MUCH … oh my god …. i have to create and not save some stuff …

  5. Rob Lahoda says:

    Thanks! This has been so frustrating to deal with. I can’t believe it’s not default already!

  6. Ahmad Awais says:

    It still doesn’t work! What I use is the first letter of the action E.g. D for Don’t Save and ⌘

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