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ğŸŽ¥ Modern Workflow & Tooling Talk

Wes Bos at  Fronteers Conference 2015

Last month I had the privilege of heading out to the Netherlands for Fronteers conference. In addition to some training the day before the conf, I did a talk on Modern Workflow + Tooling.

In this talk, I review a handful of tools that every front end developer should know about. From image compression with Gulp or Grunt to JavaScript Modules and using NPM as a package manager.

Follow along with the slides here.

A big thanks to the crew at Fronteers – this was a extremely well put together conference. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to ğŸŽ¥ Modern Workflow & Tooling Talk

  1. I was waiting for that! Thanks for posting Wes. Super collection of useful tools mate! I absolutely agree with using npm as a build tool. Its to bloated and hard to maintain. Gulp is my builder of choice too. Thanks again!

  2. Brennan says:

    I’m a great fan you you Wes. I absolutely love your tutorials

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