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Announcing Learn Redux


I’m super excited to announce my latest course Learn Redux.

Redux is a way to manage your state in your React (and other JavaScript) applications. I’ve had over 5,000 people take my React For Beginners and this is the answer to “What should I learn next?!”.

It’s 20 videos at just over 2.5 hours of content – easily doable in an afternoon. The videos are totally free and you can thank Sentry for sponsoring my time to create them.

Grab them at LearnRedux.com today!

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One Response to Announcing Learn Redux

  1. kevin says:

    Hi Wes,

    Wanted to know if you had suggestions for these 3 issues; am stuck at video 7 of the course with these 3 issues :


    warning.js:36 Warning: Accessing PropTypes via the main React package is deprecated. Use the prop-types package from npm instead.


    warning.js:36 Warning: RouterContext: React.createClass is deprecated and will be removed in version 16. Use plain JavaScript classes instead. If you’re not yet ready to migrate, create-react-class is available on npm as a drop-in replacement.


    sync.js:104 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘listen’ of undefined

    Thank you in advance for the assistance.


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