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Introducing React For Beginners

Nov 24 2015

I’m super excited to announce React For Beginners – my new premium step-by-step training course to get you building real world React.js + Firebase apps and website components. You probably can’t stop hearing about React as of late and that is because it makes building interactive interfaces both really fun and easy.

This is my second premium product after my Sublime Text Book and many who have taken the free Flexbox.io and CommandLinePowerUser.com courses are now learning react.

This course has only been out for 3 weeks and over 2,300 other devs have already joined me in learning React.js! If you are interested in leveling up your JavaScript skills and learning React, head on over to ReactForBeginners.com and take at what it all covers.


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9 Responses to Introducing React For Beginners

  1. Cristian N. says:

    An amazing course. I bought it last week and I have to say it is a great introduction to React. Any chances you will update it in the future with how it can work interact with php ?

    • wesbos says:

      Not as part of the course since it’s backend language agnostic – anyone can use it whether you are using a PHP, Ruby, Python or a Firebase backend. But – I’ll definitely be creating more videos for React in general that shows how to use Ajax form a server. So stay tuned 🙂

  2. Cristian N. says:

    Ok, awesome! Ajax, even better 🙂

  3. Jessica C says:

    Amazing course! This was very easy to follow and every question I had along the way was answered in the videos. I thought it would be just React but he takes you through every step to push your App. Javascript has always been painful for me but this course has brought me to place where it’s fun to code again! Wes is a great teacher who gives you the deeper understanding that other teachers thus far have been lacking.

  4. Justin says:

    Could you please tell me what theme is being used in the screenshot at the top of this page? I must know.

    [email protected]

  5. DinePlan says:

    If i buy this course, how many years, we will be getting update of the course

  6. Hi I bought and finished the tutorial, now I want to export everything to a web server but since React is a front end library i should be able to export the html and js’s and just upload them right?

  7. Akshay says:


    this is really nice course but when i m using
    StorePicker.contextTypes = {
    router: React.PropTypes.object

    React app give me the error
    “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘object’ of undefined”

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