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Hide iOS5 Newsstand Icon on the iPhone

Oct 13 2011

Many people, myself included, were annoyed that you aren’t able to put the new Newsstand Icon in a folder. Well a quick little hack I found today lets you do just that! Turns out you can trick iOS5 by creating a folder with other icons and then quickly drag it into that folder.

This doesn’t require you to jail break, but it does take a quick finger! Watch this video to see how to do it:


This should only be done if you are no using newsstand. Trying to launch newsstand from within a folder crashes springboard!

Cool eh? Follow me on Twitter for more like this :)

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4 Responses to Hide iOS5 Newsstand Icon on the iPhone

  1. Gavin Smith says:

    Funny how it then won’t show in the folder preview icon: http://cl.ly/Axsf

  2. I got frustrated trying to get things to work the other way around. I’ve already got a bunch of newspaper and magazine apps sitting in a folder, including subs to some of the magazines now available through Newsstand. I thought I’d be able to just drag them all over into Newsstand to keep them organized there. Nope.


  3. Mijay Pavon says:

    Well, it definitely took me more then 5 tries (slow fingers, I guess!), but finally did it! HUZZAH! Thanks for sharing this hack :-)

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