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Announcing What The FlexBox?!

ss 2015-07-28 at 2.45.04 PM

Hey everyone – I’m super excited to announce that I’ve released my third big video series. It’s called What The FlexBox?! – a simple, free 20 video series aimed at getting you to master CSS Flexbox.

I created this because while Flexbox is one of the best things to come to CSS layouts in years, it’s a bit hard to initially learn. These 20 videos are short and focused on a single topic each – pick and choose which topics you need clarity on. The last 7 videos are all code-alongs where we will build some really great layouts with CSS Flexbox.

Grab them at Flexbox.io. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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9 Responses to Announcing What The FlexBox?!

  1. Ey Master!

    Do you have a repository where you uploaded the material of excellent videos “What The Flexbox”?

  2. Sheriff Bill says:

    Sorry to be a noob but where do I download FlexBox?

    • wesbos says:

      This is a question I’ve been asked a few times before – so good on you!

      Flexbox is part of CSS, so you don’t need to include or download anything – it’s just built into the browsers like font-size:20px; and float:left; are.

  3. Pierre says:

    I’ve seen quite a few flexbox tutorials, and this one is the best.
    Especially how you explained grow, shrink and flex basis, and how wrap interacts with them

    Thank you for the good job!

  4. Jose Pereira Jr. says:

    Thank you Wes Bos for clarifying many things about flexbox, whereby, almost all the flexbox video tutorials were not as informative as yours. I will certainly mention your videos to people that are interested in your videos. They really pack a wallop.

  5. Linh Truong says:

    Wes, you’re amazing.
    Thank you so much. You got a big fan.

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