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Command Line Power User

ss 2015-04-02 at 2.20.32 PM
Today I’m excited to announce my latest project – CommandLinePowerUser.com. It’s a free 11 video series for web developers on learning a modern command line workflow with ZSH, Z and related tools.

I created this video series after a successful launch of my Sublime Text Book + Video Series. The terminal is the perfect companion to Sublime Text, and as web developers I find we are spending more and more time in the command line with tools such as Git, Gulp, Grunt, Bower and so on. The command line is daunting at first, but hopefully with these videos you will find tips, tricks and a comfort in working in terminal.

Head on over to CommandLinePowerUser.com and grab the videos!

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6 Responses to Command Line Power User

  1. Joe Block says:

    I maintain a list of zsh plugins, themes and completions at https://github.com/unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins. I’m also a maintainer of dotfiles.github.io which you may also want to reference in future videos.

  2. Ron Willems says:

    Great idea to post the video’s Wes. Thanks for showing zsh. I did mot know about it. By the way your book is great. It belongs to my development bibles! Greetz from the netherlands

  3. Joshua says:

    I think that these videos are ace and I am totally ready to learn the command line properly. I am, however, having trouble with getting iTerm2 set up right. zsh is up and running and I have started to implement the Cobalt2 theme to match Sublime. I have run into a problem with the unicode it seems. I had a look at this


    Using the fork just gives me the same problem with a different symbol. I got the power line font through the link and have been following these videos but I can’t seem to get any sense out of these separators.


    I increased the size of the font to see what it was putting in there instead of the correct unicode, it is a ‘w’ and an ‘m’ bordered with the words ‘private use’. What is going on?

    Thanks again!

    • Joshua says:

      Since writing this comment I have managed to fix the problem. Don’t really know why but I had to manually update the themes unicode designation for the thick arrow separator. I thought I already did this but apparently not. I edited the font to try and force a change using a different unicode allocation and perhaps in the process of saving a new otf that fixed the issue of the theme not being able to find the right character.

      Anyway, thanks again!

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  5. Tuan Le says:

    Tuans-iMac:~ tuananhle$ z mysassy
    -bash: z: command not found

    Hi Wesbos,thank you for sharing this videos,I am following the tutorial right now,but I think I did something wrong,my Iterm can’t find right folder,I get this messages above,please help me understand what should I do ,thank you.

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