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Using Animate.css and jQuery for easy Web Animation

Jun 05 2014

Animate.css  is a fantastic little library of Animations that takes the messy keyframing out of web animations. While they can definitely be abused, short and subtle animations are a great way of adding feedback and interaction to your website or web app.

While you can get away with just using the CSS classes, you will most likely want to apply these animations on command with JavaScript. This short tutorial will show you how to get setup with animate.css, use it properly with jQuery and listen for the animationend event to take the classes off.

Hope you enjoy, please leave any questions or comments below!

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3 Responses to Using Animate.css and jQuery for easy Web Animation

  1. acuvic says:

    Hey Wes thanks for the tutorial. It is really clear and easy to understand! What about also publishing your code examples so that we can cut and paste? That would be awesome.

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